I'm Sheyla, I have a passion for quality development and a healthy lifestyle. I have an immense amount of experience as an investor in the real estate industry. I believe the sustainability of life starts with a holistic approach.

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My Core Mottoes

Trust in a relationship is built upon transparency, reliability, and integrity. It entails consistently delivering on promises, maintaining open communication, and demonstrating ethical conduct. When trust is established, it fosters collaboration, loyalty, and long-term partnerships, laying the foundation for mutual growth and success.
Effective Communication is the cornerstone of successful interactions; whether in personal relationships or professional environments. It involves clarity in conveying messages, active listening to understand other's perspectives, and empathy to connect emotionally. By practicing clear, attentive, and empathetic communication, individuals can foster understanding, build trust, and navigate challenges more effectively in any context.
Passion is directed towards trust. I want to deliver a message about loving what I do. Copy and paste this text - Passion in life can lead to fulfillment, satisfaction, and a sense of accomplishment. It drives individuals to overcome obstacles, push boundaries, and pursue excellence. Passion fuels innovation, fosters growth, and can inspire others to share in the same enthusiasm.
Attention to Detail involves carefully observing every aspect of a task, project, or situation to ensure accuracy and precision. It requires focusing on the finer points, identifying potential errors or inconsistencies, and making necessary corrections or adjustments. By maintaining a meticulous approach and consistently addressing even the smallest details, entrepreneurs can achieve high-quality results and uphold standards of excellence.




Attention to Detail


I have a dynamic group of contractors with diverse skills and shared passions for revitalizing distressed properties in underserved communities. I enjoy collaborating with my business partner, investing in properties others may overlook, and seeing opportunities where others see challenges. Our latest development, Project Penny, is a 7-figure mixed-use project.

Sheyla Padilla (left) with George Ortiz. Community Investment Corporation's (CIC) Senior Loan Officer Chaston Montgomery (right) and Program Officer Douglas Stepnicka. Click below for more information on Project Penny and our unique collaboration. We delivered!